Cycle.Finance — The First Decentralized Platform That Gives Back To Its Investors.

Welcome to the next big thing in the crypto world. Cycle. Finance is the beginning of a new era in the world of the digital economy.


Making a profit is the basic goal of investment or trading but the inconsistent nature of cryptocurrencies raises huge risks. Usually, investors seek the advice of analysts, and not every decision ends up in success. This in turn makes it a challenge to correctly predict the future prices of any cryptocurrency.

That’s where Cycle. Finance steps in. With its unique investment solution that gives back, Cycle. Finance aims to bring the benefits of investing in the crypto space to everyday people and crypto enthusiasts alike.; Invest-Donate-Earn-Cycle.

Cycle finance has revolutionary technology and is strongly working to encourage monetary independence and the freedom Ethereum promises to the world, is to attend willingly through a permissionless and open network.

We help people find their financial independence more empowering. For states and financial institutions not to be oppressed. You also contribute to charity and expand the global outlook on Cryptocurrencies through your engagement and contribution in the Cycle Finance initiative.

How Secure Cycle. Finance Is?

Every year, there is some kind of scandal or hack around Ethereum and projects built on top of it, because Ethereum is Turing-complete and where anything can happen, anything will happen — even if it’s something really bad.

The Cycle. Finance solves this problem by being deliberately non-Turing complete and strictly limited to the functionality it was designed for, meaning drastically higher security. Being built on top of Bitcoin, it also provides simplicity and rapid throughput.

Cycle. Finance is made for investors in the cryptocurrency market who are looking to make their cryptocurrency work for them and ensure a return on their investment. This means Cycle. Finance does for you what many people in the crypto space are there for: make money! Safely.

Cycle. Finance Analysis

i. Potential of the idea: Being able to make money on one’s cryptocurrency assets is exactly what most of the crypto community is here for, so this idea definitely has huge potential. 1/1

ii. Team behind the project: The Co-Founders of Cycle. Finance, are Paul Anderson and John Whitaker, who both have a very impressive history. Co-owners are seasoned experts with several years of experience trading and investing in crypto professionally. They equally a prominent figure in the crypto community, popular for their largely pinpoint accuracy with trading recommendations.

The team is complementary and has an impressive history.

How Cycle. Finance Works?

The best part of it’s working is Cycle. Finance donates while making money. 5% of the funds invested will be donated to the UNICEF foundation. The token will be listed on Uniswap at 0.01 eth rate per token. Our apps will be stacking.

Near-Future roadmap

Yield farming- we shall be offering liquidity in the Uniswap pool and earn compounded interest. And loans in the future

Stacking; Stacking app listing will be featured by us, and will be available immediately after Uniswap listing


Cycle. Finance is the most promising project on this list and definitely worth considering an investment into!



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